Four Works of Art that You Need to See Before You Die

Appreciating the beauty of an art is just like appreciating the taste of your favorite wine. Even if you already know your own taste, it could be very tricky to describe the feeling you get to others. In other words, appreciating the art is relative and mostly subjective. However, when there are a lot of people who love a particular artwork even without any form of explanation, that artwork is considered to be great.

Contemplate and think about the popular artworks in the world that you know about. A lot of us might have heard the likes of Mona Lisa and could share something about it. You could say that this famous work was made by the great Leonardo da Vinci but that’s it, no more.
Below is a list of famous artworks celebrated around the world that needs to be visited in your lifetime. However, most of the works are so popular that you must have heard of them but you might slim information like where the artwork could be found around the world. Who knows? You might want to pay a visit.

1. Venus de Milo

The Louvre museum in France is famous not only because of its structure and architecture but also because of the artworks found inside it. One of these is the neighbor of Mona Lisa which is Venus, or Aphrodite by the Greeks. This artwork is a sculpture of a woman carved by Alexandros of Antioch in 100 BC. This particular artwork has been discovered by a peasant in the city of Milos. However, the statue has no arms on it and even today, the whereabouts of it still remains a mystery.

2. Starry Night

Vincent van Gogh’s most popular artwork is the Starry Night. This Impressionist painting has been painted by van Gogh during his stay at an asylum in France and most people believe that this particular work is a result of his view from his room. The style is rumored to be a result of his addiction to absinthe or mental issues that remained unknown. The Starry Night can not be found in Van Gogh museum at Amsterdam but rather in Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

3. The Thinker

The most famous work of Auguste Rodin is supposed to be put on a doorway surround known as the Gates of Hell, however, this particular museum has never been built. The original sculpture was finished during the early 1900s and there are at least 28 replicas that has been built to replicate this amazing work. But some of these replicas were created after its artist died so nobody knows the exact number of The Thinker sculptures there is around the world. Luckily, the original sculpture can be found in Rodin Museum in Philadelphia among other works of the deceased artist.

4. American Gothic

One of the most famous works of American artists is the American Gothic, painted by Grant Wood. This masterpiece reflects a simple image of a man and a woman in front of wooden house with their pitchfork. No matter how this particular work is famous, the inspiration of Wood in this painting is a house that the artist saw in Iowa and used the faces of his sister as well as his dentist to create a moving image. This work was the symbol for the virtue and the hard work that the Americans have during the Great Depression. This work could be seen at the Art Institute in Chicago.

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